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Decades of know-how and innovation in hardwood processing. Groupe Savoie is truly your best resource when looking for a reliable hardwood sourcing partner.

Founded in 1978, we have carved an enviable reputation as a leading producer of a wide range of top-quality hardwood products, including pallets and pallet components, cabinet and furniture components, hardwood lumber, tone wood components, ecological fuels, wood chips, and more. Our business is vertically integrated: we harvest and acquire wood, which is then optimally processed and transformed into top-quality hardwood products for a variety of applications.

Groupe Savoie’s vision is to be a company recognized for adding the maximum value to available forest resources. Our mission has always been to manufacture products of exceptional quality—all while ensuring sustainable forest practices and contributing to the development and quality of life of our employees and communities.

Today, we are shifting the way customers think about buying hardwood products. Indeed, we’re not “just” a supplier of hardwood products; we are an innovative manufacturer that provides end-to-end services for our customers to get the right type of product, the right level of quality, right when they need it. From our investments in cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement to product diversification to guaranteed delivery, Groupe Savoie is your one-stop-shop for all your hardwood product needs. This is what sets us truly apart and ahead of the pack.

Groupe Savoie’s industrial facilities include two sawmills, one pallet plant, one component plant, one pellet plant, and dry kilns in St-Quentin, N.B., one component plant and a dry kilns in Kedgwick, N.B., one pallet production and recycling plant in Moncton, N.B., and one sawmill in Westville, Nova-Scotia.

What’s more: Groupe Savoie’s sawmills produce 80 million FBM (190 000 m3) of hardwood lumber annually and over 2 million pallets. We benefit from a guaranteed allocation of wood resources from both Crown lands and private wood lot owners.

A constant supply of kiln dried hardwood to our component production plants is guaranteed by 12 modern kilns equipped with automated quality control systems that dry over 12 million FBM (28,000 m3) a year. The end result? Access to an unprecedented production capacity that is always delivered on time. Our customers across North America, Europe, and Asia can rely on us to get the job done right and delivered on time.

If you are looking to experience a new and better way to purchase hardwood products, rely on a wood sourcing partner that goes the extra mile. Rely on Groupe Savoie.

Groupe Savoie: A loyal corporate citizen that gives back to the community and environment.

Groupe Savoie is committed to both the environment and our local communities.

As a testament to our environmental stewardship, we are certified PEFC and SFI. We are also one of the first hardwood suppliers to have implemented a full-scale wood processing system that maximizes the use of the wood we harvest or acquire, using all parts of the trees, including the bark, wood chips and sawdust.

As a family business, Groupe Savoie also fosters the growth of the local communities in which we operate. We employ over 600 people, enabling local families and businesses to thrive. Moreover, we are actively involved in fundraising activities throughout the year for the Hector Savoie Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to help the people of local communities in times of need, particularly with unexpected expenses due to illness and accidents. The foundation also contributes in providing warm meals to children in need who attend local elementary schools. Groupe Savoie also supports local sports teams and festivals as well as other non-profit organizations, and provides scholarships for employee's children looking to further their education.